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Energy supply – Energy Country Profile

Energy Supply


Moldova lacks energy resources, especially fossil fuels (10 Mt of oil and 20 bcm of gas and depends on imports of fuels and electricity. Only about 5% of its energy demand is met by domestic sources whereas around 30% of Moldova's import budget is spent on energy. In general around 60% of the primary energy consumption is produced by gas. Moldova`s energy independence rate is very low (10%).


In total 6,656 GWh of electricity production in Moldova in 2021, most is generated from natural gas from the Kuchurgan Thermal Power Plant and imported from Russia. 

In 2021 94% from the electricity produced came from natural gas.


The total primary energy supply mix is dominated also by natural gas, but also crude oil and NGL is showing an increasing trend. Regarding renewable energies biomass is the most important, also increasing steadily in the last few years.


Source: Graphs AEA

Last update: 07 2023