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Renewable energy – Energy Country Profile

Renewable Energy

Slovenia plans to raise the share of renewables in final energy consumption to 25 % by 2020, in line with the European Directive. Out of this, the share of renewables in transport is seen at 10.5 %, in heating 31 % and nearly 40 % in electricity. To reach this target, the energy policy of 2010 fixed the target for wind power capacity at 119 MW and solar with 336 MW.

There are plans to construct a large pumped storage hydropower plant (403 MW, expected in 2020). A smaller hydropower plant of 45 MW has just recently started operations in Brezice and another hydropower plant of 28 MW is expected in Mokrice for 2019. Furthermore, ten hydropower plants totaling 330 MW of capacity are scheduled for post 2020.

The plans for four wind parks (360 MW total capacity, commissioned in 2015) have been postponed.

Last update: 09 2019