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Energy supply – Energy Country Profile

Energy Supply


Slovenia has only few energy resources: sub-bituminous coal and lignite, and hydroelectricity.  The Velenje lignite mine is still in operation as it has a contract to supply the Sostanj power plant until 2054. The Trbovlje coal mine ceased operations in 2013. However in Jannuary 2022 Slovenia announced that it phase out coal by 2033 at the latest.

When it comes to oil and gas, Slovenia only no active refineries. So far most oil imports came from Italy, the United States and Russia. Now, Slovenia plans to start talks on importing oil from Qatar, in order to reduce its energy dependence on Russia. 

Slovenia's gas import comes from Russia through Hungary and Austria and since 1992 from Algeria through Italy. To reinforce the interconnection with the Baumgarten hub in Austria Geoplin Plinovodi commissioned a new gas pipeline in 2011 between Kidričevo and Ceršak at the Austrian border. Now Slovenia is holding talks to increase its imports of natural gas from Algeria and Morocco through Italy, aiming to reduce its dependence on Russian gas.




As of 2021, the country's installed electricity capacity is distributed as follows: 36% nuclear, 32% hydro,  24% coal, 3% gas 2% biomas and 2% solar. 



Last update: 07 2023