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Support schemes – Energy Country Profile

Support schemes

The feed-in tariffs and premiums introduced in 2002 and 2006, respectively, were abolished in 2013 for all technologies except small hydropower (up to 10 MW), roof- and façade-integrated photovoltaics (up to 30 kW), and biogas plants commissioned before the end of 2013. A draft law for energy auctions for renewable projects above 1 MW (above 6 MW for wind power, solar plants would be excluded from the auctions) to be held from 2022 is currently being discussed. Following the surge in solar installations in 2009-2010 (+2 GW), the government removed tax exemptions for solar in 2010 and introduced a retrospective tax of 26% on solar installations commissioned in 2009 and 2010 (later reduced for installations that opted for premiums).


In 2016, the European Commission approved the renewable energy support scheme for 2006-2012 and released the €420 million support scheme for electricity generation from high-efficiency CHP plants (premium on market prices for CHP plants commissioned between 2016 and 2020).


Under the New Green Agreement (2015), a new support scheme for small solar installations was introduced, allowing up to CZK 100 000 (EUR 3 700) for solar water heaters and small PV installations for self-consumption.

Last update: 07 2023