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Energy policy – Energy Country Profile

Energy Policy

In 2019, the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) was published, setting energy and GHG targets for 2021-2030 with a view to 2050.

In January 2021, the government approved the establishment of a CZK 150 billion (EUR 5.8 billion) modernization fund to be financed through the sale of carbon credits to invest in renewable energy (39%), modernization of heat supply systems (26%), improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from companies subject to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) (13%).

The Energy Act (2000) was amended in 2016 to fully implement the EU's third energy package and improve consumer protection. In 2015, the government adopted its long-awaited Energy Strategy (ASEK), which contains six scenarios for the development of the energy sector until 2040. Nuclear energy is a pillar of the energy strategy, with its share of the electricity mix increasing from about 35 % in 2013 to between 46 % and 58 % in 2040.

Last update: 12 2022