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Energy supply – Energy Country Profile

Energy Supply


Key energy sources are lignite and hydro. Lignite reserves are seen at some 2.3 Gt (2015) and hydro at 70 TWh of which 19 TWh would be economically exploitable. The potential for crude oil lies at around 73 million barrels. Wind potential is estimated up to nearly 6 GW, solar 1 GW and Biomass nearly 860 MW.


Total electricity capacity is 4.375 GW, with 50 % for hydro and 45 % for thermal from coal and lignite, and 5 % from oil (end of 2015). The main hydro power plants are Capljina (440 MW) and Visegrad (315 MW). 

Power generation has been increasing steadily and since 2000 it grew by over 50 % to 15.8 TWh in 2015. It grew by 13 % in 2016.





The country has only one refinery, namely the Bosanski Brod refinery in the Republic of Srpska with a annual refining capacity of 4.2 Mt/year (as of 2015). In 2015, it processed around 920.000 tonnes of crude oil. In 2015, the country imported 1.8 Mt of oil (928 kt of crude oil and 868 kt of refined oil products).


All domestic gas supply is imported from Russia 218 cmc in 2015 and 2016. GAS RES and Gazprom signed an agreement in early 2015 to supply 106 mcm of natural gas directly to the Republic of Srpska. 

Coal and lignite

Total primary energy supply is dominated by nearly 60 % coal and lignite as Bosnia and Herzegovina is a lignite producer. Domestic production covers more than 90% of coal and lignite



Last update: 09 2019