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Energy policy – Energy Country Profile

Energy Policy

There is currently no national energy policy, although the process for its development is in place. The country started transposing the EU's third internal energy market package in early 2013. Bosnia-Herzegovina is also part of the Energy Community (Albania, Bulgaria,Romania and former Yugoslav countries) and the Energy Charter Treaty. The country worked on a first draft of an Energy Strategy in 2008 but energy remains a prerogative of the entities.

In May 2009, the Republic of Srpska adopted an Energy Act with the goal of organising and regulating the market and assuring a reliable supply and long-term planning. The act also promotes cogeneration and the use of renewable energy sources. In 2012, the RS adopted a development strategy for energy by 2030. It plans to invest about EUR 5.9 bn until 2030 in the development of local resources and renewable energy sources.

Last update: 09 2019