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Renewable energy – Energy Country Profile

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy sources and its production are mainly regulated by the Law No. 555-IV on Alternative Energy Sources and Electricity Act (Act No. 575/97). The State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation (SAEE) is responsible for implementing the renewable energy policy. In 2014 the Renewable Action Plan as the implementation of the Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy produced from renewable energy sources. To meet the new challenges of more renewable energy feed-in in the national power transmission grid the World Bank and EBRD granted loans for the improvement of the power transmission system. This lies within the responsibilities of Ukrenergo.

Most important renewable energy source in Ukraine is Hydropower with an aim of 5 GW by 2020. The two most important hydropower plants in Ukraine are two pumped storage power plants with a capacity of 1000 MW and 1620 MW, respectively. In May 2017 the construction work of a new hydropower project started (Dniester, 1620 MW). Solar and Wind play also an important role in implementing the aim of the NREAP with 2.3 GW each by 2020. So far two new wind projects are planned. In the area of solar energy a project with a capacity of 1 GW is planned in Chernobyl. Geothermal capacity of Ukraine is estimated at 90 GWh/year. In total the aim is to achieve a share of 11% in the final energy consumption produced by renewable energy sources.

Last update: 07 2023