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Energy supply – Energy Country Profile

Energy Supply


The Republic of Turkey possesses limited oil and gas reserves, but significant potentials for recoverable unconventional gas. Despite having enormous renewable energy potentials, very little of this potential is currently being utilized. The energy supply of Turkey is predominantly covered by the use of fossil fuels.


Power Generation

The Republic of Turkey remains highly dependent on oil and natural gas for its power generation. Coal is the second largest fuel source, followed by hydropower. Hydropower potentials can fluctuate drastically from year to year due to the occurrence of severe droughts.

The Power Production through renewables saterd taking off several year ago and the capazities continue to rise. So does Turkeys Energy Demend, keeping the proportion of renewables low, despite continous expansion. 

In 2021, the contribution of coal and gas to power generation was the hightes, covering 64% of the power generation in the Republic of Turkey, followed by hydropower, and wind.



Last update: 07 2023