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Support schemes – Energy Country Profile

Support schemes

Serbia supports the use of renewable energy sources in electricity mainly throuhg a feed-in tariff, which is regulated by the Energy Law and special Decrees.

Feed-in tariffs for electricity were introduced in 2010. In order to acquire the right to obtain a feed-in tariff for electricity, plant operators need to obtain the status of a so called "privileged power producer".  After having concluded a power purchase agreement with the plant operator, the guaranteed supplier (Elektroprivreda Srbije) is legally obliged to buy the specified amount of electricity from privileged producers at an incentive price. In general, all renewbale technologies are eligible for a feed-in tariff, however, some limitations with regards to the installed power apply.

The amount of the feed-in tariff is determined in Art. 4 of the  Regulation on Incentive Measures and it depends on the renewable technology, the total installed capacity as well as the maximum operation time.. In general, the tariff is granted from the conclusion of the Power Purchase agreement for a duration of 12 years, unless otherwise regulated by the Power Purchase Agreement. In the case of delays in the operation of the power plant caused by natural or political force majeure, the incentive period is extended for the respective time period. 

In order to meet its NREAP goals by 2020, the Ministry of Mining and Energy announced in August 2016 that it had approved a new legislation on the promotion of renewables such as a new criteria for power purchasing agreements as well as furhter incentives for producers in order to boost the development of 500 MW of additional wind power in the country.

The contry`s transition from administratively set feed-in tariffs has not been completetd yet, quotas have been fulfilled, to a market-based support scheme. A project on the possible models for new support schemes was recently initiated by the Ministry and is planned to be completed in 2021. 

Last update: 07 2023