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Renewable energy – Energy Country Profile

Renewable Energy

The National Action Plan for Renewable Energy (NREAP) adopted in 2013 set a target of 27 % renewables in final energy consumption by 2020. Out of this, 37 % would come from power generation, 30 % from heating and 10 % from transport.

Within the framework of the NREAP, Serbia plans to raise its renewable power capacity by almost 1.1 GW by 2020. The total investment costs for this are seen at around €2.3 billion. Out of the targeted 1.1 GW, wind is expected to account for nearly half of this, hydropower 40 % and biomass 9 %. These targets are nevertheless somewhat ambtious as combined wind and solar capacity stood at 22 MW as of 2016.

NIS Energovind plans to start the construction of its 102 MW Plandiste wind park in 2017. Vetroelektrane Balkana and Continental Wind Partners are investing some €450 million to build the 287 MW Cibuk Wind Park with the first stage (158 MW) expected to start in November 2018. Other projects include the 106 MW Kovacica and 117 MW Kosava wind parks (both expected in 2019) and the 42 MW Alibunar expected in February 2018.

In terms of solar power, small projects are underway in order to reach the NREAP target of 10 MW (4 MW rooftop and 6 MW ground-mounted PV) by 2020.

Last update: 11 2020