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Energy policy – Energy Country Profile

Energy Policy

The amendment in 2007 to the 1997 energy law liberalised the electricity and gas markets and introduced a new support scheme for renewable energy sources.

The National Energy Sector Development Plan until 2020 includes two parts, the development plan for enhancing the use of biomass and bioenergy and the energy conservation target programme.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia publishes the main points of the National Development Plan of the Energy Sector until 2020 on its website.

Estonia 2020 (approved by the Government in 2011) establishes two major priorities of the Government in moving towards an environmentally sustainable economy and energy sector:

  • implementing long-term structural changes in the energy sector in harmony with Estonia’s energy security and energy efficiency objectives;
  • reducing general resource intensity, including the energy intensity of the economy, by increasing energy efficiency


Last update: 06 2022