Renewable energy target should be raised to 30% by 2030, suggests European Parliament

The European Parliament is voting for an increase of the current 27% share of renewables in final energy consumption to 30 % by 2030

In order to achieve the 20% renewables target by 2020 all existing funding schems should be used effectively, suggest the European Members of Parliament (MEPs).

As opposed to that there is a suggestion by MEPs for a 40% energy efficiency target for 2030. MEPs expect that consumers might increase their efforts by refurbishing buildings or by implementing district heating and cooling systems, in order to achieve energy efficiency targets. MEPs consider that a promotion of self-generation and self-consumption systems might be an incentive for end-consumers to invest more in renewable energy, they suggest a corresponding adjustment in the review of the Renewable Energy Directive. In addition, MEPs see a promising future for energy efficiency for end consumers in the areas of refrigerants, lighting and insulation.


Source: British Polish Chamber of Commerce 6 July 2016

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