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Support schemes – Energy Country Profile

Support schemes


Latvia’s support mechanisms are based on a feed in tariff, which also includes elements of a quota system and tenders. This feed in tariff is on hold until 01.01.2020 due to concerns about corruption and a lack of transparency. For new installations of RES there is no feed-in tariff until the end of 2019. A new national support mechanism for electricity production from RES should be developed until 2018. Furthermore net-metering of small-scale connection (≤3*16 A) was introduced since January 2014.

Heat & Cooling

Biomass and biogas are eligible in Latvia. Due a reduction of the value added tax (VAT), companies who are supplying biomass and biogas are supported. Secondly biogas delivered to the end user normally shall be taxable. However, the tax rate is reduced if the biogas is used for heating.


The Biofuel Development Advisory Concil is currently discussing the introduction of a new support scheme, because the only instrument for the promotion of renewable energy sources in the transport sector is a tax regulation mechanism. For fuels which are blended with biofuels this amount is reduced.

Last update: 07 2023