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Energy supply – Energy Country Profile

Energy Supply

Energy resources, especially natural gas and biomass, are rather abundant in Romania. Oil production has remained rather stable since 2012, after facing a slight decline in the years shortly after 2002. However, oil imports have been continually rising since 2013 due to increased demand in the transport sector. Production of lignite fell between 2011 and 2013 as a result of decreased demand from thermal power plants, but has been exeriencing a steady upward trend. 


Power Generation

Three companies contribute to the bulk of power generation: Hidroelectrica (28% of total generation), CE Oltenia (21%) and Nuclearelectrica (18%).

In 2019, hydropower contributed the highest (31%) to power generation in Romania, followed by coal, nuclear and then gas.  

Calculations: Austrian Energy Agency


Last update: 03 2021