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Energy demand – Energy Country Profile

Energy Demand

Energy efficiency is a priority in Poland’s energy policy. The 2009 Energy Policy of Poland until 2030 (EPP 2030) strategy document establishes a number of measures addressing energy demand, including national energy efficiency targets, energy efficiency performance certificates, minimum standards for power-consuming products, supporting investments in energy saving, and applying demand-side management techniques.

Oil remains the main energy source for final consumers with 36.9% in 2017. Coal and Lignite represent 16.7 % of final consumption, followed by electricity (15.3%), gas (14.8%), biomass (8.5%) and heat (7.7%).



The structure of final consumption recently changed because of industrial closures. This led the share of industry in final consumption to fall from 40% in 1990 to its current 22.4% share in 2017. Residential, Tertiary and Agricultural sector remains the largest sector and accounts for 41.6% of the final consumption, followed by transport with almost 28%.


Last update: 09 2019