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General information – Energy Country Profile

General Country Information - Energy Administration

  • Area: 49,035 sq km
  • Arable land: 28.9% 
  • Permanent crops: 0.4%
  • Population: 5,445,829 (July 2017 est.)
  • GDP (purchasing power parity): $178.7 billion (2017 est.)
  • GDP per capita (purchasing power parity): $32.900 (2017 est.)
  • GDP composition per sector: agriculture 3.8% | industry 35% | services 61.2% (2017 est.)

Public Administration

  • Country name: Slovak Republic
  • Capital: Bratislava
  • Adminstrative Divisions: 8 regions (kraje, singular - kraj); Banskobystricky, Bratislavsky, Kosicky, Nitriansky, Presovsky, Trenciansky, Trnavsky, Zilinsky

Energy Administration

The Ministry of Economy is responsible for all energy aspects of the country, including the administration of nuclear technology and the storage of nuclear waste as well as responsibility to issue permits for RES projects in the country. Another important entity is the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), which is responsible for energy efficiency legislation, tendering and evaluation of projects, the preparation of studies and the measurement of the efficiency of heat deliveries. It is also responsible for the implementation of EU Structural Funds in the RES and EE sector. SIEA is subordinated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) is a state authority, which is responsible, among others, for regulating the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity as well as the production, transport, distribution, storage, and supply of gas, and heat.

Other important institutions in the energy sector include:

Membership status

Slovakia is a parliamentary republic and EU member country since 1 May 2004 with 13 seats in the European Parliament. Slovakia will hold the revolving presidency of the Council of the EU for the first time in 2016. Slovakia held the presidency of the Council of the EU from July to December 2016.

Last update: 07 2023