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Energy supply – Energy Country Profile

Energy Supply

Basic natural resources to produce electricity in North Macedonia are coal with a low energy value (lignite) and hydro power potential. However, only a limited amount of that potential is used; the number of sites on which power plants could be installed is estimated at over 400. Therefore, the theoretical hydroelectric resources (8.863 TWh) are significantly higher than the production (about 1,2 TWh).
North Macedonia has a geothermal potential of 500-600 GWh, suitable for district heating and greenhouses. In total TPES remained quite stable throughout the years amounting to 30 to 35 TWh a year.

In 2021 natural gas and curd oil were the main sources of energy supply. 


Power Generation

Although the electricity production from coal and lignite has lost a little bit of importance to hydro power production and natural gas over the last century, it still remains the most important source for power generation in North Macedonia. The Oil supplies are mainly covered by imports, in particular by crude imports and imports all the gas imports come from Russia. Wind power plants have gained more importance in the last years.

In 2021 still almost half of the power generation came from coal and lignite. Aquarter from hydropower and 28% came from natural gas.

Data: enerdata Graphs: AEA

Last update: 07 2023