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Support schemes – Energy Country Profile

Support schemes

Feed-in tariffs

Feed-in tariffs were introduced in 2007 and reviewed in July 2010 and April 2013.

The Feed-in Tariff establishes preferential prices in nominal amounts, as follows:

  • For small hydropower plants the amount of the preferential price depends on the quantities of electricity and ranges from 45 EUR/MWh for more than 8,5 GWh, to 120 EUR/MWh for less than 1 GWh;
  • For solar power plants 120 EUR/MWh for installed capacity over 50 kW, and 160 EUR/MWh for installed capacity ≤ 50 kW.
  • For biogas plants 180 EUR/MWh, and for thermal power plants on firewood 150 EUR/MWh.
  • For windpower plants the feed-in tariff is set at 89 EUR/MWh, for installed capacity ≤ 50 MW

The North Macedonian Energy Law introduced guarantees of origin, long-term power purchase agreements, the mandatory purchase of renewable electricity, and priority access to the electricity grid. It also implemented feed-in tariffs for PV, wind, biomass and biogas and small hydroelectricity. 


The North Macedonian government granted financial assistance to 500 households per year (through a lottery system) for setting up thermal solar collectors in the amount of 30% of the amount invested.
The EBRD has teamed up with the North Macedonian bank, NLB Tutunska banka, to increase the competitiveness of the North Macedonian private sector and to promote energy efficiency in the country with a €6 million financing package. The EBRD will provide two loans of €3 million each to NLB Tutunska banka for on-lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). One loan will be used to finance energy efficiency improvements and small renewable energy projects. The second €3 million loan will support SME investments necessary to comply with EU health and safety, environment, and product safety and quality standards. The loans come under the Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Financing Facility II (WeBSEFF II) and the Private Sector Support Facility for Western Balkans (PSSF) respectively.

Last update: 07 2023