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Energy demand – Energy Country Profile

Energy Demand

After a 15% fall between 2000 and 2013, oil consumption has been rising by 6.8%/year since 2013, reaching 7.6 Mt in 2018. Gas consumption experienced a rapid fall between 2005 and 2014 with 8.9 bcm. After a recovery period, reached 10.3 bcm in 2018.

Half of the gas is consumed by households and services (49% in 2018). The share of industry in gas consumption has increased since 2000, from 18% to 22% in 2018 (including non–energy uses), a share higher than that of the power sector (16%).

Electricity consumption experienced a rapid increase (+2.4%/year) between 2000 and 2008 before stagnating around 36 TWh until 2014. Since then, it has been rising again (+4,3%year through 2018) and reached 40,2 TWh in 2018.

Industry was the largest final energy consumer, responsible for 42 % the final energy consumption. Households (29%) and services (21%) account for half of electricity consumption.

Last update: 10 2020