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Energy demand – Energy Country Profile

Energy Demand

As stated in the Bulgarian energy policy, the country aims at reducing it's high energy intensity; however, the final energy consumption of the country continues to grow.

The development of the final energy consumption of electricity in Bulgaria shows a largely steady, only slight fluctuation increase of 25% (from 24 TWh to 30 TWh) in the period from 2000 to 2018. Compared to the final electrical energy consumption, the gross final energy consumption of electrical energy, which in addition to the final energy consumption also includes the consumption of the energy sector and the grid losses, increased from 36.3 TWh to 39 TWh. This indicates a significant improvement in energy efficiency in power generation as well as in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy.


In 2021, the most energy was consumed by the residential sector (36%), followed by the transport sector (32%), while the industry sector accounted for 27%. 


Source: Graphs AEA

Last update: 07 2023