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Serbia will reduce gas prices for households from June due to weaker oil prices

Serbia's retail prices for natural gas supplied to households and small business consumers are expected to drop by approximately 5 percent starting from June, mostly because of the decline in global oil prices, as stated by the energy regulator AERS.

EU lends €112m to 3rd Estonian-Latvian electricity interconnection

The European Commission has approved a €112m loan to Elering, Estonia's electricity transmission network operator.

Memorandum of Understanding for Romania and Moldova on the extension of electricity and gas interconnections

Romania and Moldova have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development of electricity and gas interconnections.

Siemens wins order for a 1,2 GW CCGT project in Turkey

Two units with an installed capacity of 600 MW each

Renewables account for 25% of the power mix in the long term energy strategy of the Czech Republic

The Czech government published its long-awaited energy strategy with focus on the development of the energy sector by 2040.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia failed to adopt their National Renewable Energy Action Plans

The Ministerial Council of the Energy Community is requested a decision

Renewable Action Plan Ukraine

After adoption of Directive 2009/28/EC by the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community Ukraine, as a Contracting Party of the Energy Community, was requested to adopt a National Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Poland is introducing feed-in tariffs to support its renewable energy sector

The legislative authorities tried twice to introduce feed-in tariffs during a working period of over three years. Now the first Polish renewable energy law is completed and feed-in tariffs were introduced.

Request to Macedonia to liberalise electricity market

Energy Community Secretariat requests Macedonia to rectify failure to liberalise electricity market in line with binding Energy Community deadline

New country update for Belarus uploaded

The country profile for Belarus is now updated
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