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Energy strategy of Poland until 2050 to be evaluated

three scenarios under consideration

Estonia to cut its CO2 emissions

This will be done mainly by reducing electricity production from oil shale

Bulgaria halts South Stream gas pipeline project

as it does not conform to European Union law.

Expansion of hydropower in Romania

Romania is searching investors for the construction of a 1.000 megawatt Hydropower plant.

Tax on revenue generated by renewable energy systems revoked by Bulgaria's supreme court

Bulgaria's Supreme Administrative Court (VAS) has revoked the retroactive tax on revenue generated by renewable energy systems

Pöyry was assigned the feasibility and final design studies for Hydropower projects in Turkey

Pöyry is now in charge of the feasibility study and final design studies for the hydropower plants Doganli 1, Doganli 2, Doganli 3, for the Çukurca dams and the hydroelectric power plants.

EIB lends €71m to Tauron Polska Energia to support renewable energies and energy efficiency (Poland)

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending some €71m to the Polish energy company Tauron Polska Energia for its investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Southern Poland, to be completed by the end of 2016.

Renewable producers in Romania got incentives worth EUR 376 mln in 2013

Romanian consumers have paid EUR 376 million to renewable producers through green certificates included on their bills in 2013, according to a market report published by the energy regulator ANRE.

Energy intensity decreased in Belarus

values may now be compared to those of Finland and Canada.

increased capacity of gas exports from Slovakia to Ukraine

The Vojany - Uzohrod gas pipeline was converted to reverse flows to enable gas exports from European Slovak Republik to Ukraine.
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