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New law tries to promote renewable energy in Poland

In a mild attempt to support its renewable energy sector Poland is introducing feed-in tariffs for micro-installations

Belarus and its renewable energy legislation

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) helps Belarus to improve its renewable energy legislation

Renewables Global Status Report 2015 is now available

Renewable Energy’s Record Year Helps Uncouple Growth of Global Economy and CO2 Emissions

Lithuania may overstep its 2020 renewable energy target

Lithuania and 18 other EU member states may exceed their 2020 renewable energy targets.

Sustainable Energy Week

Renewables in Focus.

Boosting renewable energy investments in Ukraine

Ukrainian legislation removes mandatory 'local content' requirement.

25-MW biomass project announced in Ukraine

Ukraine renewables firm DNC Energy intends to build a 25-MW biomass power plant in the Kyiv region.

Turkey commissions two 50-MW wind farms

Borusan EnBW Enerji (German/Turkish joint venture) has commissioned two wind farms in north-western Turkey.

Electricity markets in Croatia and Serbia to link up with the European power market

Croatia's power exchange CROPEX signed an agreement with the European energy exchange Nord Pool Spot. The Belgrad-based regional spot power exchange, known as SEEPEX, decided to cooperate with Europe's EPEX Spot Exchange.

Serbia will reduce gas prices for households from June due to weaker oil prices

Serbia's retail prices for natural gas supplied to households and small business consumers are expected to drop by approximately 5 percent starting from June, mostly because of the decline in global oil prices, as stated by the energy regulator AERS.
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