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New renewable energy act in Poland

A new renewable energy act was finally adopted in Poland, which changes the support for renewable energy sources as of 1 January 2016.

Transposition of the Third Energy Package into national law in Ukraine

Establishment of a fully integrated and competetive gas market in Ukraine

For the first time in 40 years carbon emissions stop rising

According to the International Energy Agency, last year global emissions were unchanged. This happened for the first time during a period of economic growth in four decades.

EU's second highest share of renewable energy in 2013 was recorded by Latvia

In 2013 Latvia's share of renewable energy in final energy consumption amounted to 37.1%.

The Bulgarian parliament removes feed-in tariffs while trying to attract new renewable projects

This was made in attempt to reduce consumer prices.

RES LEGAL offers now a more complete picture on all Energy Community Contracting Parties

All Energy Community Contracting Parties included in the RES LEGAL Europe database

Lithuania to import LNG from the US

In order to reduce their dependence on Russian gas the Baltic States and Poland signed an agreement with the United States

Stabilisation of the European Power Market

Coupling with the MultiRegional Coupling (MRC) of the Italian-Austrian, Italian-French and Italian-Slovenian borders

Wind power and other renewable energy sources in Romania

TPA Horwath Romania and Schönherr have, for the fourth consecutive time, published a study on "Wind power and other renewable energy sources in Romania". The report highlights that the total installed wind power capacity in Romania increased by 36.5% in 2013 compared to 2012 - Romania currently ranks 5th in Europe regarding investments into renewable energy.

Slovakia: targets and renewable energy action plan 2020

The European Energy Network (EnR) took place in Bratislava on February 13 and 14. Miroslav Obert, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Economy of Slovakia presented new targets and the renewable energy action plan of Slovakia.
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