Energy Community to strengthen efforts for the support of renewable energies

Implementation of renewables needs to be done in an economic way

The Renewable Energy Coordination Group took place in Vienna on 7 March. It was stated that administrative barriers for the introduction of renewable energies need to be reduced and that citizens need to be incorporated in the process of developing and using renewable energies.
All Contracting Parties with the exception of Bosnia and Herzegovina have submitted the Second Report on the progress of the introduction of renewable energies in their countries.
The Renewable Energy Coordination Group Meeting was combined with a workshop on renewable energy auctions in cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The workshop that was attended by representatives of ministries, energy regulators, renewable energy authorities, civil society and other regional stakeholders intended to demonstrate a market-based approach for the intensified use of renewable energies.

Source: Energy Community  9 March 2017

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