Renewables are on the rise

World Energy Outlook was published in November 2016

According to the World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2016 published by iea wind and solar are the driving forces for the increase in renewables capacity. Renewables are now the largest source of power generation capacity, as was coal until recently, and are the second largest source of electricity supply. For the sectors of heating and transport renewables contribute only a minor  part.
It is China and the European Union, who made the major contributions to wind capacities, China, India and the United States to PV capacities, and China, Latin-America and Africa to hydro capactiy. Key energy policies like tax credit extensions for the United States or revisions for the 2020 targets for China led to a higher outlook for renewables in the WEO 2016. The 450-Scenario expects that renewables are the leading source of supply by 2020 and will cover nearly 60% of supply by 2040. (The 450 Scenario limits the global increase in temperature to 2°C by limiting concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to around 450 parts per million of CO2

Source: International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2016   16 November 2016

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