Wind and solar are pathfinders for the dominance of clean energy sources

Solar and wind power may account for approximately 60% of all power generation by 2060, according to a forecast by the World Energy Council

Published on October 10th, the World Energy Council expects that per capita demand for energy will peak before 2030 as new and unprecedented efficiencies and more stringent energy policies will result in a reduction of power consumed per person.
By 2060 overall electricity demand will double, but will be covered to a greater extent by cleaner energy sources requiring major investments in the infrastructure.
The World Energy Council designed three scenarios that differ by the unequal amount of uncertainty in the future. All scenarios have in common that solar power will reach a capacity of 20% by 2060, wind will hit 39%, and with the increasing penetration of hydro and nuclear energy, non-fossil energy sources will dominate by that date.
Energy intensity, measuring energy efficiency per GDP, is expected to increase in any case.
The share of fossil fuel as a primary energy source will fall from 81% in 2014 to 50% by 2060 according to the most optimistic scenario. Coal use is expected to peak before 2020 in two of the three scenarios, and oil is set to peak in 2030 under these same scenarios.

Source: PV magazine, photovoltaic markets & Technology 10 Oct 2016

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