Worldwide investments in renewables topped investments in coal and gas power stations

according to the 10th edition of the UN Environmental Programme's annual report

The 10th edition of the UN Environmental Programme’s (UNEP’s) annual publication states the 2015 global annual investment in new renewables capacity was more than two times the investment in coal and gas power stations, that is a total of $266 billion invested in renewables as opposed to $130 billion for coal and gas fired power stations.
All investments in renewable energy, including research and development, in 2015 summed up to $286 billion, some 3 percent higher than the previous record reached in 2011. Since 2004, the world has invested $2,3 trillion (1 with 12 zeros) in renewable energy.
For the first time in 2015, investments of the developing world exceeded those of the developed nations.
Due to the reduced generation costs, particularly for solar photovoltaics, renewables , also for the first time, accounted  for 54 per cent of added capacity. The added renewables capacity in 2015 made up 134 GW, as compared to 106 GW in 2014 and 87 GW in 2013.
As the table below shows most of the new capacity, in 2015 as well in 2014, was added by wind and PV, accounting in both years for about 88 % of added capacity.

Source: United Nations, 24 March 2016

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