Substitute fossil fuels by bioenergy sources!

This is the goal of "Bioenergy for Business", the EU project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The aim of the B4B Platform is:

- To identify the most promising commercial market segments for which a switch from fossil fuels to bioenergy is advisable;
- To prepare business strategies and models;
- To deliver know-how on the supply and usage of biomass;
- To train interested market players to assess and develop projects in communities with district heating and in sectors with auto-production of heat;
- To convince stakeholders of the opportunities that are created by local value chains for bioenergy heat.
Developers, investors, fuel suppliers, plant owners, consultancy firms, heat users, energy services providers, policy makers and any other relevant stakeholders interested in developing bioenergy projects are invited to visit:

Source: Project website



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