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Renewable energy target should be raised to 30% by 2030, suggests European Parliament

The European Parliament is voting for an increase of the current 27% share of renewables in final energy consumption to 30 % by 2030

Worldwide investments in renewables topped investments in coal and gas power stations

according to the 10th edition of the UN Environmental Programme's annual report

EU to become more independent of Russian oil and gas supplies

15 projects mainly in central and southeastern Europe

Substitute fossil fuels by bioenergy sources!

This is the goal of "Bioenergy for Business", the EU project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

Historic fall in coal consumption

Coal consumption sees a dramatic fall worldwide

Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 23% on 1990 levels

Carbon dioxide emissions in the EU show a record-low indicating a decoupling of energy and economy as the latter one is experiencing an upward movement in Europe.

1207 power stations running on renewable energy in Croatia

At the beginning of August, 1207 power stations running on renewable energy were included in the Croatian system of subsidized power stations. Total capacity amounts to 430,88 MW.

Bpysolar to build 499 kW solar farm in Hungary with EU support

Bpysolar Kft announced this week its plans to build a 499 kW solar power system in eastern Hungary, with own funds and subsidies from the EU and the state.

Montenegro is implementing the Third Energy Package in cooperation with the Energy Community

In order to transpose the Third Energy Package for the purpose of gas market regulation, Montenegro has started the process of drafting the required secondary legislation.

Belarus meets five UN Millennium Development Goals

One of these goals is the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, that include besides addressing current social problems the protection of the environment.
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