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Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia & Slovenia updated with new look

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During the last month, we have updated the country profiles of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia & Slovenia with a new touch including graphical and textual adaptations. The time scale of the graphs was adjusted to cover the time period 2000-2015 for better visualisation of trends and to make it easier for making comparisons etc. The graphs (format and colours were also adapted) in Energy Supply now include:

·         power generation by source since 2000

·         power generation by source in 2015 in %

·         total primary energy supply

Energy Demand now includes:

·         Final Energy Consumption by Source since 2000

·         Final Energy Consumption by Sector in 2015 in %

Furthermore, the individual categories (Energy Policy, Renewables, Feed-in Tariffs etc.) were updated to the latest available information and now include a simplified, easy-to read format with the most up to date information. Links have also been included for those seeking more in depth information.

We are now updating the remaining country profiles in this new format and will inform you on the status in the monthly newsletters.

Best regards and good reading,

The EnerCEE Team

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