EU4Energy to assist Ukraine with national energy saving measures

The EU4Energy Governance Project will support the Government of Ukraine with the fulfilment of its commitments under the Energy Community Treaty to develop and implement energy efficiency and energy saving policies.

Energy Community experts will work on developing a draft National Energy Efficiency Action Plan for 2019-2030 and a roadmap for its implementation. Currently Ukraine relies on the Law on Energy Conservation, adopted in 1994, as the main legal act on energy efficiency. The Energy Services Directive 2006/32/EC and the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU are still to be transposed.  The National Energy Efficiency Action Plan is a strategic policy document that sets the country’s overall and intermediate indicative energy saving targets for the public and private sectors and proposes concrete measures and actions to meet these targets. Find the press release here:

This page offers information and latest news on energy in central and eastern Europe.

The information is prepared in the frame of a project financed by the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism.

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