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Renewable energy – Energy Country Profile

Renewable Energy

According to the 2014 National Energy Strategy for Slovakia, the use of nuclear energy will continue to be strongly promoted, while also promoting hydropower and other renewable energy sources.

Biomass accounts for the greatest share of electricity generated from renewable sources, followed by biogas, solar and hydropower. Despite high potentials, wind energy remains almost completely unharnessed in the Slovak Republic. At the moment, there are only two small wind parks in Cerová and Myjava. The Slovak transmission system operator (Slovenska elektrizacna prenosova sustava, a.s. (SEPS)) considers wind power to be an unstable source of energy with large fluctuations in production. The construction of wind power plants has come to a complete standstill since 2009 after investors were not granted permission from the national grid operator. In addition, the framework conditions (regulatory and legal framework) continue to hinder the installation of smaller wind turbine for household usage. Two hydropower plants, approved by the government, were put on hold; commissioning is not to be expected before 2025.

According to ENERDATA, renewables constituted a share of 24.9% in electricity production including hydropower. The installed electricity capacities (year 2016) from the following sources were:

  • hydropower - 2577 MW
  • wind - 5 MW
  • solar - 598 MW


Last update: 09 2019