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Support schemes – Energy Country Profile

Support schemes

Feed- in tariffs

There is also a feed-in tariff for electricity from renewable sources in Montenegro. The operators of plants that generate electricity from renewable energy sources can obtain the status of a “Privileged Producer/Generator”. Then they acquire the right to a price support for the generated electricity under the legal requirements.

The amount of the incentive fee to encourage the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and cogeneration in 2016 is 0.058715 ct€/kWh.
It’s important to know that in general all renewable electricity generation technologies (solar energy, wind energy, biogas, hydropower and biomass), expect of geothermal energy, are eligible. The different heights of the tariffs are listed here:

  • Wind energy: 9.61 ct€/kWh
  • Solar energy: 12 ct€/kWh
  • Biogas: 8 ct€/kWh (plants using waste gas ) and 15 ct€/kWh (plants using biogas)
  • Hydropower: amount depends on the quantity of produced energy:
    Up to 3 MW – 10.44 ct€/kWh
    From 3 up to 5 MW – 8.87 ct€/kWh
    From 5 up to 8  MW – 8.35 ct€/kWh
    From 8 up to 10 MW – 6.8 ct€/kWh
  • Biomass: amount depends on the type of the biomass plant:
    For power plants using biomass from forestry and agriculture – 13.71 ct€/kWh
    For power plants using biomass form wood-processing industry – 12.31 ct€/kWh

Last update: 09 2019