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Energy policy – Energy Country Profile

Energy Policy

The Ministry of Economy is largely responsible for the energy policy in Montenegro. The main strategy documents are the “Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Montenegro until 2030”, the “Action Plan for the implementation of the Energy Development Strategy of Montenegro until 2030” and the “Energy Policy of Montenegro until 2030”.

Montenegro’s energy policy can be divided into three pillars. The first pillar deals with security in the energy supply. The goal is to ensure a permanent, secure, high quality and diversified energy supply aimed to comply the supply with the demands of the buyers.
Second part of the energy policy is the development of a competitive energy market, which deals with the securing, non-discriminatory, competitive and open energy market on the basis of transparent conditions.
Sustainable energy development is the third pillar of the energy policy of Montenegro. Referring to sustainable energy development the focus should be on environment protection, increased energy efficiency (EE) and increased use of renewable energy sources (RES).

Referring to Montenegro’s NREAP a share of 36 % of energy from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption should be reached in 2020.

Last update: 09 2019