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Renewable energy – Energy Country Profile

Renewable Energy

According to the latest forecasts overall electricity consumption is expected to increase by an average 2,2%/year in the period 2014 to 2024. The country will need to build new generation units and develop interconnections.

In 2013, Fortum commissioned a waste-fired CHP power plant in Klaipeda, with a capacity of 20 MWe (50 MWth).

Lithuania mainly builds on wind in order to expand its renewable capacity. The intention is to increase renewable capacity by 700 MW to reach a level of 1,2 GW by 2024.

Lietuvos Energija operates the Kaunas hydro power plant (101 MW, 90 MW net, 270 GWh generated in 2015) and the Kruonis pumped-storage hydropower plant (900 MW, 760 MW net, 670 GWh in 2015). Is is planned to add another 225 MW unit at the Kruonis plant which would increase the plant's capacity to 1125 MW.

Nelja Energia (4Energia, Estonai) commissioned the 60 MW Silute wind park in May 2016.

Last update: 09 2020