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Detail – Energy Country Profile

Renewables cover 16.8% of Estonia's power in 2017

Renewable power facilities in Estonia produced 1,612 GWh of electricity last year, meeting 16.8% of the country’s total demand, according to data by transmission system operator (TSO) Elering. Renewables generation grew 14% over 2016, when renewables were responsible for covering 15.1% of the country’s overall consumption, according to the statistics.

By technology, biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy were the leading renewable energy sources last year, producing 908 MWh, up from 785 GWh a year back. This represents 56% of the total renewable energy generation in 2017. Wind accounted for 42% with generation of 670 GWh, rising 13% year-on-year. Meanwhile, production from hydropower plants (HPPs) came at 29 GWh. The output of solar parks almost doubled to 5 GWh and so did subsidies for solar power. In total, renewable energy and combined heat-and-power (CHP) subsidies in 2017 grew by 13% to EUR 78.3 million (USD 95.8m). Estonia has set a goal to lift the share of renewable generation in its total power to 17.6% by 2020, with an interim goal of 15.2% for 2017, which has been surpassed. For more Information: