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Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles on the forefront in five European countries

In scope of the Central European Green Corridor (CEGC) project, 115 quick-charge stations for electric vehicles are now ready to use in five European countries.

Drivers of electric vehicles can now charge their cars on on one of the 115 stations across Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia. For example, there are now more than 20 charging stations across a distance of 400 km between Vienna and Ljubljana. According to Eva Maria Plunger, Coordinator of CEGC, a modern electric car can be charged to 80 % of capacity in 25-30 minutes.

Taking into account that an average electrical vehicle can make around 200km on a full battery, the project hopes to wane the fear of those still criticizing the relatively low distance range of e-vehicles. At the same time, it allows for already existing users of e-vehicles to be able to charge their car quickly and comfortably now anywhere in Central Europe. The total budget of CEGC is 7.1 million euros, with the funds from the EU covering approximately half of this.