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Detail – Energy Country Profile

Investments in renewable energy amounted to EUR 70 Million in Estonia by 2016

Big increase in renewable electricity capacity

The Estonian Association for Renewable Energy declared that in 2016 renewable electricity capacity of Estonia was increased by 42,19 Megawatt equalling the sum of the capacity increase of the three preceding years. To some extent this was made possible by the investment of EUR 70 million in renewable energy.
During 2016, 1.414 GWh of electricity were produced from renewable sources corresponding to a 6% decrease as compared to 2015. Total consumption of electricity by renewable sources accounted for 15,1% of total electricity consumption.
The Association favors new legislation in order to pave the way for a continued investment in renewable energy.
The major part of electricity based on renewables accounted for 785 GWh (55,6%) and was produced from biomass, biogas and waste. In 2016, electricity produced from wind amounted only to 589 GWh (41,7%), thus not reaching the 600 GWh cap that had been set for the amount of wind energy eligible for subsidization.
Two co-generation plants based on wood chips contributed to the overall amount of electricity from renewables. These are the cogeneration plant of Imavere with a heat capacity of 28 MW and an electricity capacity of 10 MW together with the Vao II cogeneration plant with a heat capacity of 76,5 MW and an elelctricity capacity of 21,4 MW.
Total wind energy capacity of Estonia amounts to 310 MW, total solar to 19 MW.

Source: The Baltic Course 20 Febraury 2017