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State insulation programme in Slovak Republic

Enforcement and expansion

Albeit the start of the first insulation programme for houses in the Slovak Republic in 1991 there are still a number of houses in need of refurbishment.
The Transport and Construction Ministry had launched a pilot project for thermal insulation in 2016 with the aim to introduce thermal insulation and thus save energy up to an amount of 70 percent, however the programme received only less than 200 applications.
One reason for the few applications is that people are not used to provide a full documentation of their insulation project which in addition is time consuming. Moreover, only residential houses are eligible for the insulation programme, and the subsidy is paid only after completion of the renovation.
The Ministry is now trying to make the support programme more attractive by increasing the maximum subsidy and extending the time of submission and by combining the support programme with EU funding.
The Ministry intends to expand the renovation programme to public buildings with a sum of EUR 10 million from the Envrionmental Fund

Source: The Slovak Spectator 20 February 2017