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Financing of renewable energy in Serbia through ESCOs

The Slovenian energy service company GGE is offering new financial services

The Slovenian energy service company GGE ESCO is expanding to Serbia and in addition to its technical expertise is offering its financing services for the installation of two biomass boilers for the ELTID tannery, that will use hot water obtained from the two biomass boilers for leather processing, that is tanning, dyeing and drying.
The two boilers were installed by the Austrian manufacturer Gilles and have, each, a capacity of 550 kW and an energy efficiency of 90%. It is expected that the ESCO model will serve as a good example for companies in Serbia who intend to increase energy savings through clean and energy efficient technologies. Through the use of biomass CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by 1.226 tons per year.
Source: Source: Balkan Green Energy News, 25 November 2016