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First wind power plant in Montenegro is showing progress

Start of operation is expected for 2017

Our NL dated July 2015 (September 2015) referred to the first wind power plant in central Montenegro at Krnovo with a capacity of 72 MW. Media are stating that the installation of the 26 wind turbines is complete and the begin of opertion may be expected for the begin of 2017.
The wind farm will provide electricity for 50.000 households representing 8% of total installed capacity and 6% of total electricity production in Montenegro.
The EUR 140 million project is financed through loans by EBRD and KfW Bank. Construction and development are established and sponsored by the Austrian IVICOM Holding Vienna and Akuo Energy SAS from France.

Source: Balkan Green Energy News, 13 October 2016, see also IVICOM Website