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Windkraft Simonsfeld as Austrian winner of the European Enterprises Climate Cup

Windkraft Simonsfeld with 2 wind power plants in Bulgaria and 1 in Slovakia is the Austrian winner in the EU project "European Enterprises' Climate Cup"

In the course of the EU-project European Enterprises Climate Cup 24 Austrian enterprises were competing for the title of best company in energy saving. Since May 2015 the companies made efforts to make as big savings as possible in the fields of electricity, heating and cooling. The winner for Austria is the producer of wind electricity Windkraft Simonsfeld .

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The winners in the project „European Enterprises Climate Cup“ were awarded a prize on 11 July 2016 at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels.

More details about the ceremony and winners from other countries may be found here

Source: Austrian Energy Agency, July 2016