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Installation of desulfurization equipment at coal fired power plant in Bosnia

Investment is supported by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems

Bosnia is going to install a desulfurization equipment at its 300 MW coal fired power plant at Ugljevi in order to clean up gas emissions

The desulfurization equipment is expected to decrease SO2 emissions from ist current level of about 16.000 milligramme per cubic metre (mg/m³) to 250 mg/m³. 16.000  mg/m³ would mean a level 60 times as high as the indicative level in the European Union. The project will be launched in August 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2019. In addition, the new equipment will expand the plant’s lifespan by 25 years. The Ugljevik power plant produces 8 percent of Bosnia’s electricity.

As of begin 2016 Bosnia is facing strict emission limits also for existing power plants, as part of the EU-wide Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Bosnia made ist application for EU accession in February and has to perform a series of improvements before the accession is accepted.

Source:  energymarketprice  13-07-2016