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Detail – Energy Country Profile

Statements by the Hungarian Minister of National Development with respect to

… security of supply, emissions, renewables targets

Already in December 2015 in his speech to the Committee on Economics of the National Assembly the Minister of National Development, who is responsible for energy matters, pronounced that gas storage facilities in Hungary are 48% full. The Minster concluded that energy supply is ensured for the winter.
At the meeting of the Committee on Sustainable Development of the National Assembly the Minister stated that Hungary would reduce pollutant emission by 20% and 40% as of 2020 and 2040, respectively.
The Minister expressed his certainty to meet the 14,6% target for the use of renewable energy by 2020, maybe even by 2018 or 2019. He stated, that in 2013, Hungary had achieved a  share of 9,8 %, that was above the 7,8% target previously committed. In 2014 it was 11,1% and in the 2014–2020 period, EU funds of HUF 750 billion are available to meet the requirements.

Source: Ministry of National Development   December 2015