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Financing of renewable energy in Estonia

Increase of charges for renewable energy in Estonia up from January 2016

Elering, the price regulator for renewable energy in Estonia, announced a 7,5 % rise for the charges for financing the development of renewable energy sources as of January 2016.
Renewable energy charges in Estonia are paid by all consumers in proportion to their consumption of network services. Total electricity consumption from renewable sources in 2016 is expected to be at 1.255 GWh with 165 GWh coming from efficient CHP. Tax will increase from EUR1,07ct/kWh to EUR1,15ct/kWh with total charges for renewables showing an expected value of EUR 67,4 Mio and EUR 5,3 Mio for CHP. 48 % of the amount will be used for the financing of wind power output, 42 % for energy production from biomass and 10 % for electricity production from hydropower, solar power and small biogas and biomass facilities.

Source: Elering Renewable Energy January 2016