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Detail – Energy Country Profile

Lithuania about to complete electricity connection to Poland

Lithuania plans to build its first electricity link to bordering Poland by January 1. The link would enhance the country's energy security and make it a regional hub.


A subsea power line will connect Lithuania and Sweden by the end of 2015. Lithuania will thus be part in three different electricity systems. The installed capacity of the new connections to Poland and Sweden will be of 500 MW and 700 MW, respectively. Availability of cheaper hydro and nuclear electricity from Sweden is likely to reduce electricity prices in Lithuania and neighboring Latvia.

The average wholesale prices in Lithuania and Latvia were 50 Euros per MWh or 5 cent per kWh, compared to 32 Euros/MWh in Sweden. The drop in Baltic prices could be partially compensated by exports to Poland, where wholesale prices were higher last year, at 43.14 Euros/MWh.

Source: EnergyMarketPrice 25 September