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Detail – Energy Country Profile

The first quarter saw an increase in the share of renewable energy close to a sixth of Estonian total consumption

The consumption of renewable energy in Estonia grew in the first quarter of this year very close to the 17,6% target set for 2020.

A year ago, renewable energy formed 13,5% of the total consumption.

Wind power has grown year-on-year 43% to 232 GWh and now accounted for 53% of the total production of renewable energy in the first quarter. The start of the year was windy and the average daily wind speed increased by a third.

44% of total renewable energy production was formed from biomass, biogas and waste. From these fuels, 195 GWh of electricity were produced in only three months. Electricity produced from biomass, biogas and waste received in the first quarter 5% more subsidies than a year ago

Hydroenergy production reached 12,2 GWh.

4.000 euros of subsidies were paid for solar-produced electricity for 0,1 GWh.

In monetary terms, the amount of subsidies for renewable energy grew by 20,2% to 19,7 million euros.

Source: The Baltic Course 24 April 2014