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Memorandum of Understanding for Romania and Moldova on the extension of electricity and gas interconnections

Romania and Moldova have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the development of electricity and gas interconnections.

Under the terms of the MoU, the 1,5 bcm/year Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline (commissioned in August 2014) will be extended to Chisinau in Moldova and to Onesti in Romania. The MoU also provides for the development of the electricity interconnection between Isaccea, Vulcanesti and Chisinau. The projects are expected to be implemented by 2018. They will require an investment of up to €750m, including €421m in Moldova, and will improve Moldova's energy security by diversifying energy sources (i.e. Moldova's dependency on Russian gas will be reduced).


Source:  Business Review 22 May 2015