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Slovakia and Poland move ahead with gas interconnection project

The governments of Poland and Slovakia have executed a Cooperation Agreement regarding the support of implementation of the Poland-Slovakia interconnection project. The results of the Business Case Analysis (completed in 2012) and the Feasibility Study (received in May 2013) provided information necessary to commence preparatory works (designing issues and permits). Recently both operators have worked over the Cooperation Agreement on the project pre-investment phase.

The Poland-Slovakia interconnection project assumes the construction of a new cross-border pipeline with auxiliary infrastructure, to interconnect Polish and Slovak natural gas transmission systems. The project capacity to Poland is considered to be of 5.7 bcm/year in the project first stage and to reach even up to 9.5 bcm/year in the second stage. The capacity to Slovakia is considered to be around 4.7 bcm/year. As estimated by both operators, the project could be completed at the end of 2018, at the earliest.

Source: November 2013