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Romania approves cut in green certificates and renewable incentives

The Romanian government has decided to temporarily suspend the issuance of some green certificates for hydro, wind and solar producers as of 1 July 2013, in an attempt to cut the electricity price for final consumers.

Renewable producers will only get around half of the green certificates they are entitled to receive, and will have to wait until 2017 and 2018 to get the balance.
For hydropower plants below 10 MW, the number of green certificates will be cut from 3 per MWh to 1 per MWh; the number of green certificates for other renewable sources will also be cut, from 2 GC/MWh to 1 GC/MWh for wind and from 6 GC/MWh to 4 GC/MWh. The deferred certificates will be clawed back starting from 31 March 2017, for hydro and solar power producers and from 1 January 2018, for wind energy producers.

Source: J June 2013