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Romania and Bulgaria agree to build two hydropower plants on Danube

Romania and Bulgaria have agreed to build two hydroelectric plants on the Danube. They should become operational within the next five to six years.

Romanian Hidroelectrica will construct the facilities. One of the projects, with a capacity of 840 MW, already has a feasibility study. Romania’s state-owned company Hidroelectrica will be the main contractor on both projects on the Danube. The construction of the two hydropower plants could take an estimated five to six years. The first power plant will be located between Turnu Măgurele in Romania and Nikopol in Bulgaria. It will have a capacity of 840 MW. Feasibility studies have already been produced for this project.

The second hydropower plant will be near Silistra on the Bulgarian side and Kalarash on the Romanian side. The feasibility study for this project is only in the initial stage. The two plants will be used jointly by the two neighboring countries based on the model of HPPs at the Iron Gate, operated jointly by Romania and Serbia. Bulgaria expects the two new hydropower plants to increase its energy independence. The projects are also an integral part of Bulgaria’s 2053 energy strategy.  According to the strategy, Bulgaria plans to develop 870 MW of new hydropower projects by 2030 and 1.27 GW by 2050.

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